Loving A Scorpio Man: How Far It Will Go?

You have probably heard about tales of how Scorpio men are among the most intense males and become more so when it comes to love and may have dismissed these tales as exaggeration. After all, how passionate and intense can any man be? Right? Well, in this case you would be wrong; think of a certain level of intensity and then multiply it by a high number and the result you get may probably fall short of the intensity of loving a Scorpio man and how far it will go. Falling in love with a Scorpio man may take you to levels that you never thought you will go to. You will be probably find it easier to learn about popular constellations names and information about them rather than trying to read your Scorpio man. They seem to have more layers to them than an average Baklava.

Many of us grew up trying to know your zodiac signs and their meaning, but this will in no way prepare you for what loving a Scorpio man and how far it will go. You might as well figure out all about perfect elemental tattoo ideas and suggestions instead of trying to wrap your head around the mind of a Scorpio man.

Loving A Scorpio Man: How Far It Will Go?

The first thing that you should know about yourself if a Scorpio man is in love with you is that you are an interesting person indeed. The Scorpio man doesn’t do normal or docile, he likes his challenges and mysteries so surely, he saw something like that in you. while he loves pursuing you, he is not going to go all out to woo you. He is going to stare at you with an uncannily intense stare that will seem to penetrate the very depths of your soul. He will be reserved but will seem to be wherever you are making you feel as if he wants to say something just through his eyes.

Well, the Scorpio man may want to flirt with you, that is not an assumption that he is in love with you. In fact, the opposite may be true and he may not flirt with you if he is truly interested in you or complete indifferent to you. But you will know if he is indifferent to you because there is nothing colder than an indifferent Scorpio.

When a Scorpio man falls in love with you, he will start manipulating things in such a way that you have to keep looking at him and be aware of him. He is a master at manipulation and will be a master at weaving complicated plots to ensure that you belong to him.

Next, the Scorpio man will realize that he is in love with you which means that in spite of his seeming confidence, he is majorly insecure. Not because he is insecure about his appeal but because he hates to be in a position that is vulnerable which he would be because all declarations of love are not reciprocated positively. He will admit he likes you and will wait for your response with a bland look that probably hides a cauldron of emotion.

Once you admit that you love him, he will shower his passion and love on you which can honestly be overwhelming. Once this intense shower of emotion passes, he may leave you cold and alone. Not because he doesn’t like you as much but because he feels that he has exposed too much of himself to you and feels that he has become vulnerable in your eyes which is not something that he enjoys.

You will need to be patient but at the same time don’t be a pushover because a Scorpio man needs to also respect the woman he loves. He will frown at your assertive attitude even as he admires you for it. Your life from here on is going to be about balance. There is no doubt he will be an intense and sensual lover but he will like it more if you meet his passion with your own instead of playing a passive role in your lovemaking.

To answer the question that we asked in the title, loving a Scorpio man can go very far depending on how you make it far. All the best to you.


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