The Incidental Art Of Doodling And Why It Is So Fascinating

doodle art 17

It can show a whole story without a single word: Sometimes we do not need words to express or glean something and that is what doodling art is about. Many of you may be aware of this, but we would like to reiterate that doodling could be a good way to let you know what your inner mind is thinking about and sometimes when you look at your own doodles, then you will be stunned at what you have come up with.

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It can be very educational and therapeutic: Yes, like many other forms of art, doodling has been considered therapy. Like automatic writing, people who feel that their inner selves are not in sync with their thought process, it all starts with giving them a bit of paper and a pencil to get them doodling. Kids often find this a better way to say what they are not able to articulate in a very clear way.

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We suggest that you try at your hand at doodling even if art is not your forte. If not for anything else, you can at least get to know what is occupying the real estate of your mind even if you are not consciously aware of it.


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