The Art Of Macramé And How It Can Be Used Around The Home

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Start with the simple knots: The larkshead knot is one of the simple knots that you can begin your macramé work with. Start with thicker cord or rope so that you can see how the knots are formed as you go along. Delicate and costly cords can be used once you have gained some expertise in this area. Once you are into this, you can get macrame jewelry instructions to make charming things to wear with different outfits. There are many macrame jewelry patterns that you can look at follow it to create things for you and as personalized gifts to your close circle.

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Then move on to the more complicated knots: Once the basic knots are clear to you it is time to move on to the more complicated knots that are used in macramé. Go for the square, the half hitch, the Josephine knot among others.

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Move on to adding the beads: Once you have mastered the simple and basic knots, then it is time to start using beads and colors to create more complex macramé patterns.

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Start your initial macramé projects by starting with something basic like a wall hanging or a bracelet, things that do not have to take weight before moving on to macramé projects that have to bear weight while hanging from the wall or the roof. Once you have mastered this, you can move on to making simple swing sets to be used by children and then only to other bigger projects. Once you are into macramé you will find that these projects can be interesting and addictive.


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