Learn More About The Finer Points Of Finger Painting

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Those who have mastered the art of finger painting will tell you that there is much joy to be had with this way of creating art. There is first of all the fact that we do not need brushes any more especially brushes that keep wearing down over time. The second thing that you will realize that there is a certain sensual satisfaction to actually use your hand itself to put the paint on the canvas to create the work of art.

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Thirdly once you have mastered the art of painting using your fingers, you will realize that there is more control in the movements and the strokes you apply with your fingers than by using the paint brush. Above all these factors, you will also find that your whole way of painting on canvas takes on an entirely new perspective.

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You will also find that when you put paint to canvas with the help of your fingers, then there is not only a look to the painting, there is also the additional advantage of texture. This texture brings extra dimensions to the painting when compared to when a painting is painted using a brush.

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What is more this kind of painting is quite therapeutic and that is why people who are going through tough times are encouraged to try their hand at such painting. Even with children who are into finger painting experience such joy and relief from painting. Though the end result in such cases may not be necessarily be pretty but they are pretty effective in solving the problems for which they were recommended.

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But having said that there are actually some really good examples of finger painting that will leave you fascinated as to how the artist could come up with a work of art with such detail and beauty just using paints, his or her skills, his or her fingers and the canvas.


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