40 Quotes To Make You Smile – Here Is Your Quota Of Inspiration



Books are the way to make your mind travel without stepping out

The journey of life would be boring without a few mishaps and once you grasp this, life becomes much better

A smile on the lips is the best way to keep blues from touching your soul.



Music, laughter and good food are your best friends in the journey of life

If shopping makes people happy, then why do they cry when they get the bill?

If love and marriage is the natural way for people to live, then why not do it well?

If you are constantly having failed relationship, remember this; it is always the other person’s fault.

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innovatenglish.blogspot.com –

Friendship may be a sink that never sinks but it can really capsize your life when your friends decide to rock the bottom

Never look back or you will slip on the banana peel that you failed to notice

Laugh alone and you are considered mad, cry alone and you are a failure. But think about this you always have scratch when alone

Why is it okay to say goodbye to the past but not to have a welcome party for your future by spending your future salary?



 Think about this every silver lining always has a black cloud in it!


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