40 Funny Quotes About Friendship

It is not necessary to be friends with equals, it is friendship that makes us equal

When you slip and fall on a banana slip, it is friend who will come there and laugh at your plight

What is a friendship if not about mockery and a healthy pulling of legs?

A birthday bump is never as severe as when it is administered by your closest friends.



If you are on your last bite of your favorite snack, you can be sure that your closest friend will be around to grab it and eat it

When you are in trouble and reaching for a drink, you can be sure that your friend will be there to share it with you

You can be sure that all your romantic  dalliances would not have been as much fun if your friends had not been around to torment you

If you are thinking of forgetting your past faux pas, then you can be sure that your pals will never let you do that!



A trouble shared with friends is a trouble that is going to be made fun of and mocked

If friendship had a price, then no one could afford to buy it

If you hear a knock on the door at midnight followed by your name being yelled out, you can be sure it is a friend who has come seeking to make your life interesting.

If being loyal is the mark of a good friendship, the flip side is also the license to make fun of your weaknesses.




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