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40 Beautiful Wall Art Ideas For Your Inspiration

Alphabets in different sizes can look great too.

Thread work looks intriguing too.

Buttons can also be done in intriguing patterns.

Ceramics look amazing on the wall

Framed works of any sort look good too.

Bling and costume jewelry keeps things interesting.

Geometrical patterns can also add an exciting angle. - –

Interesting fabrics can be framed for wall art.

Unique way to get wall art going is with maps.

Patchwork quilts also make an amazing wall art idea.

Even cutlery can be used to make wall art - –

Baskets and shells add a piquant charm to your wall art.

Carvings that you picked up different places can also make great wall art.

Wall art ideas are great simply due to the amazing versatility and scope for experimentation that they allow. In fact your wall art should reflect the unique people you and your family members are. You can have an interesting credo framed or done up in shells or beads and put it on the wall. Many people use the interesting trophies that they and their family members have acquired to make it into wall art. When you are doing your own version of wall art, ensure that it goes with the rest of your decor and that it is easy to maintain.


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