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25 Amazing Painting World Records

Art, by itself is an amazing subject, one that never fails to make us sit up in wonderment. It is a fact when we look at the works of art that are unique and beautiful it is sure to make us wonder about the thought process that went into the making of the art. In art itself, artists are always striving to move to the next level. In some cases they go for the extreme and do things that become record breaking. Here are some of the examples where artists have done some really off beat things to create a record.

Amazing Painting World Records

  • Record of highest number of faces painted on a bottle: By Drummer Sridhar who put together 100 containers of Horlicks to make the image of Thiruvalluvar, who is a philosopher and poet.

  • Record of the highest consecutive bounces of a tennis ball on a can of spray paint: The tennis ball was bounced by Brian Pankey on the can 1026 times
  • Record of the most number 4×6 inch art works shown in a gallery: By Kelowna art gallery having 4154 of these submissions
  • The record of the painting of a rainbow by a 4 year old child: Emily Mcmanaman, a girl aged 4 painted the rainbow in 5.2 seconds.
  • Record of the smallest portrait: This was of Subramaniya Bharathiar by R.Ravichandran of 1 cm in width and 1.2 cm in height.

  • The record of balancing a painting of a Canada Geese on a thumb: Doug McManaman  did this for 38.88 seconds
  • The record for painting 100 landscapes in the shortest time: These 100 landscapes were painted in 13 hours and 26 minutes by Atmakuru Ramakrishna with his hands. He used oil paints and did this on canvas
  • The record for the largest cone painting: Using a cone instead of a brush Hemanth Kumar Thunugunta painted a painting of Lord Venkateshwara that was of four feet in width and two feet in height.
  • The record for the highest micro tip painting on seeds of tamarind: SHaik Ameerjan did this by creating 63 of them depicting the national heroes of India. He did this in 6 hours and 12 minutes
  • The record of highest number of people photographed during a music festive in front of Lichtenstein reproduction: This happened on 18th April 2009.

  • The record of highest number of images of “9” spray painted on a rock: This was done 157 times by Thomas Gilmartin and Ty Conner
  • The record of highest number of trees with 12” stripe painted on them: By James Hiram Malone up to 33 trees.

  • The record of the tallest wildflower painted by hand on a tree: The flower measured 8 feet and was painted by James Hiram Malone
  •  The record for highest number of people painting on the same canvas without the use of black color: 166 artist who were part of Saint Louis Art fair did this
  •  The record for highest number of people painting on the same canvas without the use of blue color: 1036 artist who were part of Saint Louis Art fair did this
  • Biggest painting using mouth: Done by R.Rajendran of Mother Teresa measure 20’X30”.

  • The biggest handprint painting:  By G.F. Thaha Azarudeen measuring 230.88 in square meters
  • The biggest footprint painting:  By the staff and students of ARJ group if institutions measuring 1600 in square meters.

  • The highest number of dandelions blow painted on to a table: This was done by Ingvild Herfindahl and her pals
  • The quickest record for making 51 paintings using bare hands: By Parijoy Saha in 35 minutes to create 51.

  • The record for the biggest paint brush: Built by Sujit Das of 4.4 feet in breadth, 28 feet in length and 22 kgs in weight.

  • The record for quickest abstract painting: Parijoy Saha did this in 0.92nd of a second
  • The smallest painting in 3d: Done by Sujit Das it is 3.5 cm in width and 4 cm in length.

  • Highest number of shrine, temple and church paintings by one artist: Suzanne Kraus has done 1100