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10 Of The Most Well Known Styles Of Modern Painting

Paintings are one of the best ways to decorate any space, personal or official. Today modern paintings or modern art has gained popularity as it is quite thought provoking.  It essentially becomes one of the icebreakers in that it starts the conversation going. Due to this many people have started like it apart from the aesthetic value and investment value. Here we tell you about some popular styles of painting in modern art, so that you can make out one from another.

Basically modern art was a form of rebellion to the rigid style set by French institutions traditionally. This style of art started in the 1860s and has been around till the 70s. Mostly these veer away from the traditional are more of an experimental form in terms of style as well as materials.

  • Abstract Art: This is basically a style that does no really have figure as reference. It is more of what the artist wishes to portray his/her subject as. The shape and colors are quite indistinct and are subject to the imagination of the onlooker.

  • Surrealism: This is a way of painting that puts two or more images together in such a way that it is totally unexpected. There is an unreal dream like look to these. These paintings appeal to the subconscious.

conceptual art

  • Conceptual Art: In this the emphasis in on the concept than the work of art itself. Many a times you will see that the art is more like a set of directions than actual at. Mostly these will be in the form of installations and sculpture rather than painting.

  • Pop Art: These started as a reaction from abstract expressionism, using the most mundane of things to transform them into art.

  • Photorealism: This one as the name will tell you is about making art look as realistic as possible so that it may seem almost like a photo. To do this artist must have extraordinary technical skills.

  • Hyperrealism: This one takes photorealism to the next level. High resolution cameras are used to take images and then these are painted on canvas. These tend to have more shadows that are exaggerated when compared with photorealism.

  • Minimalism: This one takes simplicity to an extreme. The subject is brought down to the very essence and this is painted. The artist makes a decision as to what is to be painted.

  • Futurism: This is painting that will be associated with topics like speed, technology, the future look of the world. It shows the way man has triumphed over nature. This type of art is more towards originality.

  • Impressionism: This one started in Paris and is one of the earliest styles in modern painting. It is marked by lighter strokes and many efforts were made by the artist to capture color and light while painting.

  • Fauvism: This happened after impressionism and leans towards more of a realistic representation of the subject being painted. This style focuses on strong colors with wild brush strokes.

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