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10 Leading Festivals Of Germany

One of the most enjoyable ways to discover things about a country is by looking at their festivals. Here in this article we will take a look the leading festivals in Germany and also special events that make German culture what it is. It can be a fun way to discover more about a country.

Leading Festivals Of Germany

Carnival in Germany: This is also known as the Fifth Season in Germany. Along with costume balls full of color and revelry, you can also see the Rose Monday Parade. This is the focus of the festival where marching bands, decorated floats and dancers take part in a parade on the streets in Germany. The whole of Germany takes part in this festival with each place doing its own celebration. One can say that this festival is especially celebrated in Dusseldorf Muenster, Mainz and Cologne.

International Film Festival at Berlin: The red carpets are rolled out in February and the Berlin International Film Festival is hosted. You can expect to view more than 400 movies from across the globe along with events and parties that are open to all those who love movies. Apart from the film festivals hosted at Cannes and Venice this is one of the most important ones.

Rhine In Flames Festival: This festival by its very nature begs to be included in a the list of festivals pertaining to Germany. Its natural and human created beauty is awesome and draws you in to view the beauty that nature wrought on Rhine in a new light. Myriad Bengal lights, well lit steam boats on the water and the fireworks mark the occasion making it bright and beautiful. This festival takes place on the weekends in May and September.

Oberammergau passion play: This play is in honor of the pledge that the inhabitants of the Oberammergau took when they got the plague in the 17th century. It takes place once in ten years as promised. More than 2000 villagers are part of this event which takes place in the open air stage with the superb backdrop of the German Alps.

Carnival of Cultures in Berlin: This one is a unique carnival that Berlin enjoys celebrating in Summer. In this carnival of cultures, about 1.5 million participants enjoying paying homage to the spirit of Germany’s capital. It is a four day street festival which has great drinks, concerts, carnival parades replete with floats, singers, dancers, concerts and exotic food from as many as 70 different countries.

Bach Fest in Leipzig: This one is in honor of Johann Sebastian Bach who is the most famous citizen of this city. Famous performers from across the globe come here and perform his master pieces in venues of historical note.

Oktoberfest in Munich: This one is much looked forward to and takes place in Bavaria. It usually takes place in September and October with more than 6 million tourists from across the globe come here to enjoy the food, traditions and music of Bavaria.

Wine Festival and Wurstmarkt in Bad Duerkheim: Also known as the Wurstmarkt, which means a sausage market, this festival is mainly for enjoying the local wines. This is the 2nd biggest wind producing area this one has the pride of being the world’s largest festival for wine. This tradition has been going on for over 6 centuries.

Christmas Markets: These mark an exciting portion of the holiday traditions in Germany and bring forth the spirit of Christmas to all. Each city in Germany will celebrate this season with at the least one market for Christmas. These will have carousels, holiday decorations that are handmade and local Christmas carols. You can also enjoy festive treats.