Top 15 Acrylic Painting Techniques

Masking liquid: The use of masking fluids works as well with acrylic paints as it does with water colors.

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Covering glue on collages with Acrylic Paint: You can simply substitute Glue with acrylic paint in a thick layer for forming a collage. This also affords coverage to the glue if required

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Watercolor like effect: Acrylic paint is really easy to use and create an effect that is similar to water color. This can be both good and bad as the acrylic paint tends to dry faster. Which on the one hand means it is easier to layer but on the other hand means it is hard to rework

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Daubing and pouring: You can do this easily using acrylic paints, either using the brush or with other things

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Sgraffito: This essentially means scratching the paint once it is dry to reveal what is underneath. Can be done by various means.

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Using squeegee or sponges: You can use a squeegee or sponge to come up with some innovative looks and variations.

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Make use of good quality paint: For good results and affordability and quality in the long run, never stint on quality of the supplies

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Be generous with paint: If you are trying to get richer and brighter looking art, be sure to use the right amount of paint

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