How You Can Copyright Your Artwork: Guiding You

How You Can Copyright Your Artwork
How You Can Copyright Your Artwork

How You Can Copyright Your Artwork: When you have used your creative energies to create something that is unique and represents you, surely the prudent thing to do is protect it. This becomes even more imperative when your artwork is going to be displayed online. We give below a few simple steps that will ensure that your rights over the artwork that you have created are protected.

  • Always add the copyright symbol (©) alongside your art. Also make sure to include your name along with the year the artwork was created. Though adding these details is not absolutely necessary, it brings home the point that this artwork belongs to you and replicating or using it in anyway is in violation of copyright laws.
  • If and when you do discover that somebody has indeed made use of your artwork without your permission, you will be able to prove that they did this in spite of your having indicated that you own the copyright on the work. This can make your case very strong.
  • Another thing that many artists do is use a secure method via software management to upload the artwork. Or you can even try to post the image with a lower resolution so that others may view it but may not copy or use it. Some people also use scripting procedures ten ensure that people cannot save the image using the right click
  • You can also use something like a watermark that says created by all across the picture, so that anybody wanting to copy the image will find it difficult to do so

Even though you have put a copyright mark on your artwork, it is always better if you actually register for a copyright. This way you have created a record of your work. This makes sure not only can your heirs also have the right to the earning from your work in case of any exigencies. What is more it will make your legal standing firmer and also increase the chances of a better compensation in case you do need to go to court.
The process is really simple. Simply follow the steps given below:

  • Go to the copyright office website
  • Use the link for registering a new user and fill in the data that is relevant
  • Log in with the user information on the home page
  • Make your selection of the copyright plan.
  • Fill in the data for registering your claim and put in the required details like the kind of work you are registering etc. This includes:
  1. Name, address and other details of the person applying for the copyright
  2. Type of interest the applicant has in the work being registered
  3. Legal ownership of the work being registered
  4. A signed permission by the creator of the work, if he/she is someone other than the applicant
  5. If the work has been published or not
  6. If published then the time, area and other details about it
  7. Details of republication of any
  8. Half a dozen hard copies of the work and three soft copies
  9. 3 copies of the program on CD ROMs
  • Make payment
  • Remember that the work belongs to you legally as soon as you have registered to have it copyrighted.

This simple process with a little time and expense spent on it will make sure that all your creativity and hard work is secured forever. Though it may not strictly be needed for you copyright every bit of work you do, it is always better to do so.


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