Five Sites where you can sell your photos

Five Sites where you can sell your photos
Five Sites where you can sell your photos

Here is some information that will let you go about the business selling the pictures you have clicked on the web with lesser chances of others using your photos without giving credit to you. The truth of the matter is that in sites like hubpages you cannot put up your pictures with watermark which makes it vulnerable for misuse. The intention here is to provide good advice that will steer you in the right direction.
This article will provide you a list of sites where you can showcase and even sell your work:

Creating a page on Facebook: This option is free of cost as of now. You can use this avenue to make an attractive display of the work you have done and share it with friends and acquaintances. This means their circle of friends can also see it. Of course, there is always a chance that someone may simply copy your art and use it, just like that. To offer a measure of protection you can watermark your work before you display it. As of now you cannot directly use Facebook to sell but you can provide a link to the site where you do sell.

Yola and Iconosites: Having both a free and paid version, these sites enable people to duplicate the images so may not be ideal for selling your photographic work.

Wix: This is a site that has many uses and that too without cost. You also have the option to get additional features when go for the paid version. It has an editor that it is remarkably easy to use. The site makes it difficult for people to copy images from here and it utilizes Flash technology and this makes it difficult to access on Ipads. Which in turn means some business may lost due to this. Since the site uses HTML5 it makes it easy to utilize.

500 Px: This is good site for sharing pictures; people cannot copy images from this site. You once again have the choice of a free or paid version. The only flaw in this otherwise good site is that there is a limit on the size of the pictures that you can load on to the site. This site allows you to use Creative Commons Licenses to protect your work.

Photoshelter: This is a site that seems to be one of the best and the most convenient. You can avail a free trial before you go in for the paid version. Backed by superb backend service this site stands out. They also have great tutorials to guide you and these are constantly upgraded to reflect what people are looking for. You can sell and earn as well as learn a lot on this site.

Offering your photos for sale

This is something all of us want to do, the best thing to do is search, research and test what is the thing that works best for you. To do this you need to read up on articles like this, talk to people who have gone through this process, interact with people from sites that offer such services, find out what they offer in terms of the actual sales and the kind of backup support they can offer. This means you may have to actually go through a trial period where you can judge for yourself if things work the way you want them to. Once you have done that then you can work on putting up your best work for people to choose from. Always be on the lookout for new avenues, after all the web is a dynamic place where there is something new almost on a daily basis.


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