18 Different Types of Piercings You Should Know About [Part 2]

Read about Different Types of Piercings below and chose which could be perfect for you. Must read about Piercings Care Tips.

Brain Piercing: The latest and a very hazardous form of body decoration, this involves the piercing on two holes in the skull. A gold or silver ring is passed through this hole. This causes pressure on the brain tissue and the substances are released into the bloodstream. The resulting euphoria from such a procedure is what people are seeking.

A painful and costly procedure done under anesthesia, this process is very painstaking. Since it is a more cost effective alternative to taking drugs, this procedure seems to have garnered many fans. The caution that medical professionals are advising is that the brain is a sensitive and as yet unexplored territory and people would be better off keeping away from such things.

Corset Piercing: Many may be aware of the functions of a corset, but the part about piercing is relatively unknown. It is an intricate process where many punctures are made on a female’s back and rings inserted to emulate the corset. You could keep it on or show it off or even take it off.

For all that a corset piercing is complex and causes a huge amount of pain. People are recommended to try on a play version before going for the real thing considering the pain and complexities. Requiring a huge amount of care post the procedure one should be prepared to invest time and effort into getting this procedure.

Piercing of teeth: Tooth decorated with gold, crystals or even a mini picture – we have seen it all. Unlike other types of piercing the amount of discomfort from these type of work is less. Unlike other forms of piercing that have been decried as mutilation that can be harmful, you can use this form piercing to hide the flaws on your tooth. But you have to understand that this is a really difficult and skilful process.

Called Skyce, this process is done by the doctor. You can get it done to look better, feel better and a certain dash to your look. The stones and decorations to be glued to your teeth are treated specially to make it less obtrusive or abrasive

Play Piercing: Like the name suggests this form of piercing is the creation of pictures or other visuals on your skin surface permanently or temporarily using medical or specially made needles.

This kind of piercing represents a creation of a particular drawing or a composition on the body of a person by suing medical or other (special) needles. You need to follow all the rules of good sense and hygiene to ensure that your health is protected throughout the process. You can play with different types, images and locations with regard to this type of piercing keeping in mind the kind of impact you want to create.

Throat and Neck Piercing: Also known as Madison piercing, it involves piercing the skin in front of the neck. A highly sensitive area, this area needs special care to prevent rejection. The name of the piercing came from the originator this Madison Stone, a known persona of pornographic films.

It emulates a vampire’s bite when done on the neck’s side. A bar is put in to the side of the neck which when removed resemble a vampire’s bite.

Wrist Piercing: Made popular by John Cobb, wrist piercing is a surface kind of piercing. Since the wrist is in constant use and is in contact with many things during the course of a day, this piercing may face more chances of being rejected by the body.

Hip piercing: Done on the skin near the hip bone, it is normally done from both sides. It is usually done with a surface bar. Like all other piercings, take care to get it done by an expert and be very careful about the post procedure care.

Piercing of an eyeball : A very hazardous process, this insertion of jewelry into the eyeball has become popular. The views about the hazards of this process from Dutch and British eye care professionals are diametrically opposite This type of piercing is a delicate process and should be approached with caution since it involves the most precious of all our senses – sight!

Inserting hooks beneath the epidermis: Often considered cruel and primitive it is carried out to feel sharp sensations on the skin. You have th choice of open that closed hooks. Hooks with a lock are quite costly and not easily available.

It goes without saying the process is really dangerous and taking care of it post the process is also a painstaking process.



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