How To Draw A Flower (Step By Step Image Guides)

Flowers are a blessing in our lives that not only manage to brighten any corner of the world they occupy but also provide us with so many useful things like honey, flavors, medicinal supplies, oils, fragrances, etc. In fact, if we were to catalog all the wonderful things that flowers can do, we are afraid it would take pages to cover, which is why we will not be talking about these aspects of flowers in this article. What we are going to try and cover in this article is the steps required to draw a flower. Even as we pen these words down, we are aware that one article would not cover the process for drawing all the varieties of flowers there are, but the images we have given here, would cover quite a few. The article, would take on the basic steps involved in the drawing of any flower, which will help you get started. The next time you are wanting to learn how to pair flower vases for the best results, you will be able to do a great job because you do know a lot about flowers and their shapes.


Unlike peaceful lotus flower painting ideas, the image guides we will give along with this article will only touch upon the drawing aspect and not on the coloring and the shading aspect of flowers. Believe us when we tell you that drawing flowers is a good skill to have and will come in handy in many situations. For instance, if you are an architect, who wants to show what magical window flower box ideas can do to the exterior look of a building, you will be able to render it visually. And remember, that this is just one example of how this skill will come in handy.

To ensure that you master the concept easily, we suggest that you pick out flowers that are fairly uncomplicated to begin with. For instance, take a sunflower, though very bright and pretty, it does not have too many layers and the way the petals of the flower spread out is pretty much standard. We suggest that you spend some time on studying the flower in question and understand the perspective from which you will be drawing. We suggest that you start by drawing the top down view, which is you looking down on the face of flower to start with. You can move on to other perspectives once you master this.

We suggest that you ignore the color nuances in the first place and concentrate on the shapes and their placement. For instance, in the sunflower, there is a center from which the petals come out to form an outer circle. Which means that you draw two circles, one small and the other bigger around it. Draw the stem of the flower, and then add two leaves, one on each side. It would be a good idea to place one leaf slightly above the other. Then start drawing the petals starting from the inner circle that end at the outer circle. The petals in this case, would be roughly speaking, elongated heart shapes with the pointed ends ending at the outer circle. You have to make the petals bunch up close but not too close.

A little bit of asymmetry here and there would not hurt at all. Then add the tips of the petals in the spaces between the first layers of petals to make it seem as if they are the petals growing in the layer below. These need not be complete petals but just the outer tips. Now start concentrating on the details of the petals and leaves. Ensure that they are not all perfectly matching. The center circle of the flower in this case would have a rough cross hatching pattern. As you can see, the drawing of a flower is a matter of studying the details, deciding on the perspective and reproducing on paper.


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