Want To Know About The Descendants Of Famous People? Read To Know More

Have you ever wondered about the offspring of famous people and what they are up to today? You may have read a lot about the famous people in history whether good or bad and learned so much about their lives. There have been stories about their habits, personalities and their idiosyncrasies with a lot of focus on how they achieved what they did and what their journey has been like. When you read about their lives and read things like famous quotes from Romeo and Juliet, you feel as though you have touched a part of their lives. You look at famous family portraits and paintings over time and must have gotten a glimpse of their lives as it was in the past, which can be a strange but fascinating experience.

Even famous movie posters of all time can give you a slice of history that you may wish that you experienced firsthand.

That is why we feel that we should tell you about the offspring of some famous people through history.

albert einstein

thomas einstein

Albert Einstein: Known for many scientific discoveries, he is also gently mocked for the crazy hairstyle he sports. His only surviving grandson is Bernhard Caesar Einstein having fathered children and grandchildren of his own. He passed away in 2008 but is survived by some of his children. Albert Einstein’s  great grandson Dr.Thomas Einstein is a doctor who runs an outpatient clinic in Los Angeles area. Another great grandson is Paul Einstein is a classical violinist. Eduard Einstein another great grandson runs a furniture store in Los Angeles. Mira Einstein, a granddaughter is a musician who also runs a telemarketing agency.

hermann goering

edda goering

Herman Goering: Known to have swallowed cyanide in Nurmberg to escape the hangman, he left behind a daughter and wife. Edda Goering who had Adolf Hitler as a godfather adored her father and lent her name to Nazi party members in functions. The state of Bavaria refused her the pension due because of her unwillingness to denounce her father. She is known to be living in South Africa.

rudolph hoss

Rudolf Hoss: He was known to be the busiest killing machine and had a big hand in Auschwitz. He was survived by several children. His daughter Brigitte Hoss was a fashion model in Spain till her family background caught up with her and was revealed.

aman goeth

Monika Hertwig

Amon Goeth: He was another camp commandant who was subjected to hanging as per the standards of her day. His surviving daughter Monika Hertwig did not know about her father for a long time as her mother refused to talk about it. After learning about her father and his deeds she too lives in obscurity refusing to grant interviews.

joseph stalin

svetlana stalin

Joseph Stalin: Not known for being very devoted to his family, his wife is supposed to have committed suicide with his pistol leaving their three children to a rough future. Yakov, his first son was captured and died in captivity in 1943. Vasily was a drunk and rose in the ranks only to be arrested for corruption twice once by his father and then by Khrushchev died eventually. Svetlana Stalin defected to the USA and became a naturalized citizen. She changed her name to Lana Peters, got married and eventually died at the age of 85 survived by two sons.

christopher columbus

cristobal colon

Christopher Columbus: The man, the adventurer has a surviving 18th great grandson Cristobal Colon who served in the Spanish Navy.

We are sure that by now you must be overwhelmed and eager to look up some of your celebrities of the past and learn about who they are survived by. Do share with is what you discover.


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