Skate Park Design – To Enable Poetry In Motion

A skate park is where people who like to skate will go in order to give full freedom and range to their skating skills. While people who like skating will take any smooth surface to don, their skates and glide about, this may not be the best idea. It is better especially when you are learning to skate to go a skate park that is made to be perfect for you to move around. Skating, when you look at others doing it or watch it on screen can look really simple but anybody that has tried to learn this skill will vouch for the fact that it is not at all as easy as it looks. Just like there is the art of interior decoration for you to learn more about it, there is also a need to learn about the decoration of exterior spaces like the skate park too. It is not unlike perfect patio ideas for you to potter about in terms of enabling movement and to keep things elegant but otherwise completely different.

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However, the thing that we have to remember about skate park designs is that it is not only about aesthetics but also about safety and ease of movement. Though a skate park is an exterior space, it is not at all like country club décor for weddings except for enabling smooth movement that is.

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While we cannot claim to be experts on planning skate parks, there are some factors that even the simplest person would know has to be part of a skate park design. We have tried to give some of these factors here:

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Capacity: One of the main factors to be considered with regard to skate parks is the capacity that it can take in at any given point of time. The thing is if a skate park gets too crowded, then this can not only lead to discomfort but also accidents. That is why do have a way of keeping the capacity within safe limits.

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Support: When people are learning to skate, there is a likelihood that they may slip and fall and this could even happen to people who are experts at skating. That is why it makes sense to have some form of support for skaters to hold on to, during the learning process and even later if needed.

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Rest: Skaters need space to sit in order to put on their skates and to remove them. That apart, they also need a space to sit and rest when they are tired out from their skating lessons or when they are done skating. That is why places to rest are also important.

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Grades of difficulty: Not all skaters are equal: some are expert and some not so good at even standing up. That is why you will find that most good skate parks have spaces for expert skaters and a track for learners where they will strategically place supports and seats.

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The track: The track or space for skating needs to be smooth and even to enable people to skate with ease. Rough surfaces with bumps and unevenness can lead to damage to the skates and could cause accidents. This is something that most skate parks strive to maintain well.

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Obstacles: When skaters have mastered the art of standing and moving skates, then a stage comes where they wish for more. One can make a track for expert skaters by placing obstacles on the skating course for skaters to skate around.

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We are sure that after reading some of the points we have given here and the images provided, you will have many ideas for a skate park design of your own.


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