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40 Popular Good luck Symbols from Across the Globe

When it comes to luck we all of us want to have the good kind. The weirdest part is that this is true of the believers as well as the non-believers. Many among us are quite skeptical about such things as good luck charms but once someone tells you that a particular object or occurrence can bring you good luck, you find yourself wanting to keep it with you, just in case.

It is on the lines of how someone who loves tattoos gets a sexy angel tattoo design done, not only because they find it cute and it holds some significance to them but also because somebody told them it is lucky too. Like in the Japanese world, Koi fish are considered very auspicious and one may find oneself looking at koi tattoo meaning and designs with that point of view.

The most unlikely things can become a Good luck Symbols; like among the Chinese, the color red on the whole is supposed to be lucky. Thereby a red paper lantern would be considered lucky.

Plus There Are Lot Of Articles That Under Feng Shui Are Considered Really Lucky Like

Popular Good luck Symbols - –

Bamboo plants

Tigers for their power - –

Red bats to ward off evil

Elephants for wisdom

Dragon symbols


Pigs for prosperity

Crickets represent security of the home

Statue of the Buddha

Goddess cards

In India, there are so many regions that each region has their own beliefs and traditions with regard to lucky charms. But some common features among these lucky charms is the giving of turmeric in some people who visit the home, the use of certain leaves to decorate the doorway and offering sweets to guests.

But The Common Good Luck Charms Are: - –

A lighted lamp