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30 Things to Say to Your Love Before You Die

Your presence in my life was something that I never expected but now that I have you I cannot imagine life otherwise

You gave me the gift of humor and that is something that I will hold precious till the day I die

I don’t know whether we will be together life after life but this one has been really good for me. - –

The way you smile makes me want to jump with joy

I like everything about you including the way you snore. - –

If I had to do my live all over again, the one thing I would change is the time I met you; I would have liked to have you in my life from the very beginning.

Your friendship and then your love are the two major achievements

Hold my hand as I step into eternity and then I am sure my journey will be smooth. - –

A warm hug from you is worth a thousand kisses from all the angels of heaven.