40 Funny Quotes About Friendship

If a friend forgets your birthday, you should rejoice as it gives you something to hold over his/her head when you need to get something done from him/her

Some friends go out of the way to make things easy for you and some go to the other extreme and can make something that is easy really complicated

A good friendship can help your marriage become even better by adding to it

Friendships are like fine wine and can become mellow over age.



If each friendship came with a price tag that they deserve, you would be a pauper

Praying with friends adds muscles to the strength of your prayers

Some friends are not meant to be with you for the whole of your life and you should be thankful for that

What more can a person ask for but a bunch of friends that remind you of your roots?



Loyalty is the religion of good friends and beer can be their holy wine

Life without friends would be like being in the jungle after dark without even a flashlight

What else is a good friend but a soul mate that you are not actually married to or born with?

If you want a good friend in your life, you should first be one.



Only in friendship is there something like a free lunch

It is easy to spot a true friend in a crowd; he/she will never laugh when you cry

A friendship can be like having a warm blanket on cold nights

Friendship is one relationship that expands by sharing.


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