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30 Beautiful Pictures from Different Cultures

Functions:  Each culture believes in some specific festivals that are part of the history, religion and even social structure of the place. One cannot but wonder about the way things are celebrated when you look at tribal functions like that of the Zulus which is nothing like what we know in the western world. Indonesians too have their own cultural take on functions.

Physiology: People’s physiology and the way they look are influenced by the place they belong to. It is somewhat of a cultural thing as the way you look will come from the place and culture you belong to. A look at the distinctive Mediterranean  features of Egyptians is enough to confirm that.

Festivals: Each culture is no doubt full of their own specific festivals. In fact within a general culture itself there could be specific tribes  that have their own festivals like among the red Indians. You may have come across many written accounts about different cultures, but looking at pictures about what you have read about will make things come to life right in front of your eyes. - –

Food: Food is a major part of the culture. Like in Mexicans and Incans who are closely linked you will see some what may seem to us weird food habits. These may seem bizarre to us but make sense given the place they belong to. Another place that is worth mentioning that is a melting pot of many cultures is the Russian food that has many influences.

As you can see the pictures and images are a large part of learning about cultures that you are not completely familiar with.