10 Most Famous and Popular Festivals of Spain

Carnival: This celebration probably ranks among the most extravagant and anticipated festivals in Spain. It is celebrated all over the country but the ones that are considered the most noteworthy are the ones in Tenerife and Cadiz. The others that are worth mentioning are in Chueca district (Madrid), the Sitges (near Barcelona), and Ciudad Rodrigo (near Salamaca). In these locations the whole place stays awake with people drinking and dancing round the clock. This festival is an opportunity for people to see and be seen in elaborate costumes and masks.

carnival spain

Semana Santa: This 7 day long celebration occurs before Easter Sunday. During this, festival local churchgoers take processions of the Passion, from Virgin Mary to Jesus on the roads. Many cities are known for their celebrations of this event but the noteworthy ones are Seville and Granada.


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