Creative Success vs. Personal Relationships — Who Wins?

It’s not everyone who is born with a streak of creativity. Those fortunate enough to have been blessed with strong creative urges often fall into two camps. There are those who are modest about their talents, and will quite happily do whatever it is they love doing – painting, sculpting, writing, making music – while devoting just as much energy to other aspects of their lives. Then there are some who take their role as an artist, musician or author far more seriously. A select few will regard what they do as being of singular importance, so much so they have little time for those other aspects.

The question is, can there ever be a balance between creative success and personal relationships? Or does the pursuit of perfection in the former require sacrifices to be made in the latter? The most pertinent answer to this quandary is simple. Whether a couple met via a matchmaking service or within a social setting, there is no definitive answer. Creativity is something unique to individuals, and no two personal relationships are the same. Life is far too complicated for there to be an outright winner here.

Creative Success vs. Personal Relationships

When might a relationship get in the way?

There are many times when people involved in the relationship might find demands on their priorities. It could be the case someone gets offered a fantastic employment opportunity which would involve traveling elsewhere and they will have to be parted for some time. At the end of the day, they have to weigh up what is important to them. This is exactly the same situation that would pertain to creative people. Perhaps they might feel drawn to exploring their career in different cities. The crucial question remains. At what stage does their personal journey take precedence over a fulfilling relationship? Every situation will be different and there are certainly no catch-all solutions to this dilemma.

Finding common ground

The key to finding a balance between creative success and personal relationships is to acknowledge the fact it isn’t a case of finding a clear winner. It is all about compromise. There are no perfect relationships where everything will coast along on an even keel at all times. Life has a way of placing unexpected obstacles in paths when least expected. But when it comes to exploring the creative tendencies, a supportive partner should be prepared to give much leeway when it comes to allowing their other half to explore their dreams. On their part, the artist involved must be prepared to see things from the point of view of the other person.

The importance of happiness

Relationships are built on trust, happiness, a sense of self-worth and mental and physical well-being. A creative person’s outlook will prosper if they are also involved in a contented relationship. Knowing full well they have a partner waiting for them with open arms at the end of the day, will inspire them when it comes to creating their art.

How online dating will help to find the balance

More and more people these days are looking for relationships online. This means dating sites are now catering for all sorts of aspirations. The beauty of this environment is it allows prospective partners to weigh up the pros and cons of people they are considering getting in touch with by thoroughly analyzing their profiles. For the creative type, they can be completely honest and aboveboard in their descriptions, outlining exactly how fanatical they might be about their art. On the other hand, they can decide to what extent they would be prepared to compromise when establishing a personal relationship.


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