5 Hacks on how to improve the design of the living room

Many of us have repeatedly come across a situation when you come in and immediately relax, you become calm and the problems simply dissolve in the air. And sometimes, on the contrary, you go into a clean, fashionable room, but gravity falls on you, and you cannot stay in this room for a long time. It’s not a problem if it’s your friend’s room or hotel, but what if you have to spend time in such a room for many years. The design shows the general atmosphere of the house or apartment and the personal values of the people living in them, and the bedroom is the main room where you restore your energy after a hard day’s work.

Why the bedroom style is very important

The appearance of the bedroom reflects the inner world of its owners. Its design affects the dream and its quality, so you need to think over every detail of the interior. Furniture for the bedroom should not only be beautiful but also comfortable. Also, the choice of the style of a place for sleep requires careful study. Because a very bright color scale excites the nervous system, and accordingly a person cannot get the necessary rest, rest and pacification. There are various options for design bedrooms, among which one can choose their own version for themselves individually according to personal preferences.

Let’s find out together what criteria can affect the impression of the interior of the bedroom, and with which help you will achieve a significant improvement.

Choose attractive colors

The color scheme of the bedroom is the key to the success of its entire environment, as these or other shades can be perceived in different ways by our subconscious, which means, to produce a positive or negative effect.

When choosing colors for the interior of the bedroom, it is important to know that there are some of them that form the same emotional perception in all people.

In the imagination of many, red is associated with power, passion, and warmth, while blue – is credible, soothing and convincing.

Try to mix these two self-sufficient colors, and get an amazing purple, using which, you can create in the bedroom a special, correct and comfortable atmosphere. In addition to purple, attention is paid to other berries, burgundy and wine shades, as well as salmon, because exactly such tones cause a feeling of coziness, bliss, warmth, and tranquility.

Bet on natural materials

For the bedroom, in general, it is recommended to select materials that are pleasant to the touch, which can only be natural, such as wood, cotton, wool, fur.

So, if we talk about facing the floor, then the best option will be a wooden flooring (cork, parquet), for walls you can choose wallpaper or simple painting in a neutral tone. But we recommend to emphasize the attention with the help of different textures, for example: choose lamps with wooden base and fabric shade, wool patterned carpet, fur veil, velvet-covered banquet or puffs in the foot of the bed.

Comfortable mattresses

You can find many ways for creating a beautiful and comfortable place to sleep, but the most accurate is the installation of the right mattress. If you like coziness, then give preference to the twin mattresses, which is perfect for a children’s or a guest room, as well as couples who prefer to sleep close to each other. The standard size of the mattress is 39 inches wide by 75 inches long, which allows it to be used in bedrooms of small size. If you want to find out the best twin mattress on the market, check this guide from John Breese.

With twin mattress, you can make the sleeping area more intimate and cozy. You have the opportunity to choose a mattress of any rigidity, but remember that stiff models provide a natural position of the spine, whereas too soft surfaces can cause its curvature.

If we talk about the filler, then here is very important is a huge choice. It is better to give preference to natural hypoallergenic fillers. The most popular is coconut fiber. It is a tough hard material that has antibacterial properties.

It will be a plus if the filler is additionally coated with latex. In this case, the mattress will not absorb moisture and extraneous smells, which cannot be avoided.

There are completely latex models. They are considered warm, but softer when compared with a mattress made of coconut fiber.

Algae can also serve as a filler. As a rule, they provide a kind of aromatherapy that emit aroma oils and make sleep calmer.

Remember that the bedroom should remain a bedroom, so the twin mattress and areas around it should be given as much attention as possible.

Arrange accents

You can focus on art object in the bedroom at the head of the bed. In any case: whatever you choose, it should attract attention. In such room, you can make the focus on the fireplace, some pictures. They will work together and create a composition, which attracts and keeps the view in the center of the room.

Your compositional anchor should be free from all superfluous and an outsider and be clearly visible in every room as if inviting to enter it. Therefore, the best place for the main accent is directly in front of the entrance to the room.

Light up the room well

Contrary to the popular belief that the bedroom is preferable to a constant twilight, it is still better if the room in the daytime is filled with natural light streaming from the windows.

First of all, it will be much easier to wake up in the mornings, and then, feel more cheerful, because sunlight is vitally important and has a beneficial effect on the human body, its mood, and well-being.

Even if the windows in your bedroom are quite large, do not put them to curtains. It is better to use light tulle and functional clothes of curtains, which will close the opening only in the evening.

Think up something of your own that makes you smile and will, above all, be convenient for you. The rooms, designed according to all the laws of design, do not always meet the requirements of the tenants. In this photo, you see how, apparently, a messy combination of pillows and pictures on the wall creates, however, a certain informal chic.