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40 Examples of Triple Forward Helix Piercing

The thing about piercings is that even though they have become immensely popular and more people who are in the public eye are getting it, there is still some confusion about it. Since it is even now considered somewhat of a rebellion to sport a piercing, people are not willing to share information about it. The fact is not many people know how many types of ear piercings are out there and how to take care of it.

Triple Forward Helix Piercing

As far as triple forward helix piercings are concerned people have many questions, doubts and even misconceptions. There is also some occurrence of poor information sharing done by those who pretend to know about these but really do not possess much knowledge.  First thing you should know is this particular type of piercings are a series of three piercings as the name suggests. These are done in the ear cartilage and most people will use jeweled studs while some even like to go for more complex jewelry like a continuous spring like earring. You will find a lot of choices online for this kind of piercing. Do you know how many types of ear piercings are out there?

But first things first; learn more about the piercings before you do anything else. Keeping all these factors in mind here are a few simple facts about Helix piercings that you should know about: