5 Best Schools To Learn Tattooing: Become a Tattoo Artist

Best Schools To Learn Tattooing: Tattoos have become all the vogue with more and people of all walks of life getting into it in a big way. There is no longer a negative vibe attached to getting that tattoo that you always wanted to. Since tattoos have hit the scene in a big way, it is but natural that the demand for good tattoo artists goes up. This means if you are the artistic type who always wanted to work closely with your clientele then becoming a tattoo artist is a good option for you.

But the thing you have to remember is that tattoo is not only an art, there is a strong scientific base to it. This means before you go out there with a tattoo gun to render body art on willing customers you need to study the science that goes into the making of a tattoo. This could range from the instruments you use to create a tattoo and include things like which colors work best on human skin, what is the after tattoo care that you should be telling your clients about, taking the proper hygiene measures to ensure that there is minimum chance of contamination or infection.

You may think that you are a good artist with a steady hand and an imaginative mind added to which you like working closely with people and that this should be enough to set you up as a tattoo artist. Or you may even consider working as an apprentice with a master tattoo artist before you do things on your own. Why do all that, when you can attend a school to learn tattooing properly?

Before you jump into the list, Here are some very important things about Tattooing, you must know about:

Here is a list of schools that will help you learn tattooing:

  • Tattoo School New York & Florida: This is a fun and friendly school which will help you become a tattoo artist. They teach you about using the safest and most responsible methods. To study here you need not have any earlier experience as a tattoo artist
  • TATTOO SCHOOL Bangkok: This is a small school that believes in teaching students in a batch of two. Yes! You heard it right. It is almost like having an one-on-one teaching experience. With practical demonstrations being part of the course, this course ensures that students are well versed in all aspects of tattooing.
  • UK Official Tattoo Academy: This school boasts of experienced tattoo artists providing tutelage and tips to the students. The course has covers both the theoretical and practical aspects of Tattooing. Things like preparation of skin for the process of tattooing along with the settings for needles etc. are part of the curriculum of the course. Apart from the training, good candidates also get the opportunity to work as apprentices in their own studio
  • Thailand Tattoo College Learn Tattooing School Training: This course offers intensive training along with practical demonstrations to make sure students clearly understand the intricacies involved in the process of creating body art. Along with accommodation students can either pick the course that lasts for a fortnight or go for one that last 2 months. The course comes complete with certification.
  • TLC’s upcoming Tattoo School, which comes on air every Thursday, shows a fortnight’s program that prepares tattoo artists to ply their art. But the show has come under severe criticism as many expert tattoo artists feel that this is no way to learn the art, which is a lot more than what was demonstrated on the show. According to the channel they are just trying to show another aspect of body art that people ought to be aware of.
  • Toronto Tattoo School: A complete course on tattooing this course offers both full time and part time courses. This course is built to be specially flexible for those who work or have limited time to spare. The course cost includes materials and equipments etc.


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