20 Beautiful Holi Wallpapers: Festival of Colors in India

Holi the festival of colors is just around the corner and this means celebrations. Holi has been part of our lives and played a significant role in the cultural and social fabric of our lives. No matter what our age, we all look forward to Holi as it means a celebration of colors without inhibitions. Here is one more way to remind yourself and those around you that Holi is around the corner – Wallpapers!

We spend at least a one fourth of our lives in front of our computers and having a reminder of the joyous festival of Holi can make your day brighter. What is more you can use these wallpapers as a means of teaching people about the religious significance of Holi. Holi is the triumph of devotion and purity over evil. Your wallpaper and those you share with your friends and family can simply but effectively denote your thoughts on Holi.

It can be as simple as a depiction of the colors that play a huge role in this festival or it can be about wishing people a Happy Holi or it could be a collage of the Holi celebrations from the past. No matter what the motif of your Holi wallpaper, you can be sure of one thing – it is going to be vivid and colorful.

What is more it is sure to bring a fond smile of remembrance to your face. You could also use this simple yet effective tool of wallpapers to educate people about the dos and don’ts of Holi. For example you can tell people to use natural colors so that there is no harm to the skin and health of those who play Holi. You can educate women about the safe practices of playing Holi with people they know, to protect them from any misbehavior from miscreants.


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